About Us

Quarantine during covid made such an impact and accelerated the rise of the Loungewear fashion category.  This troublesome period generated innovation, concepts and designs globally.  Many, actually discovered the joy of staying inside - being at home for long periods made a 'Home Wardrobe' the new trend.

Loung-erie is another fabulous lockdown creation, designed and manufactured in the UK.  

We believe 'Everyone needs Loung-erie - not just Lingerie'.

Our slogan, “Everyone needs Loung-erie, not just Lingerie” reflects our focus on providing garments that go beyond traditional lingerie. It's important to note that we don't want to diminish the beauty and significance of lingerie. There is a time and place for traditional lingerie, and it is a beautiful product that deserves to be celebrated. Loung-erie, on the other hand, aims to offer a different kind of garment that specifically addresses comfort and support and makes this a priority.

Our aim is to create an empowering brand with a key focus on making people feel confident in their natural comfortable self, especially in their underwear.  

Comfortable & Proud

No constrictions or shame only #bodypositivity - everyone deserves to feel proud to feel comfortable, confident and supported in their own skin.

We are all different shapes and sizes that fluctuate regularly. Our garments offer not only shape, lift and support but flexibility for our changing bodies.

We only use high quality technical grade materials to achieve the comfort, softness, stretch and durability for our garments.


Making a better choice for the environment and helping reduce less waste is crucial practice for everyone in today's world. In every step of our product process we make an effort to try our best to reduce our environmental impact.

By manufacturing in the UK, our garments not only have a local traceable supply chain but a very low carbon footprint - we make it our priority to keep emissions as low as possible.  Also, adhering to strict UK legislation and regulations our manufacturer is GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certified and Oeko-Tex (one of the world's best known labels for testing for harmful substances) certified.

Our seamless product range is made using a circular process which knits the garments in a tube and cuts down to size,  producing a minimal requirement for seams and material waste. 

Our packaging is not only recyclable but is fit for purpose.  Our handy net laundry bags help to protect your garments, keeps the straps safe from tangles in the washing machine and impact on the material - we want your underwear to last for longer.