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Vest & Leggings Set

Vest & Leggings Set

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Seamless Leggings - Black (Size)
Seamless Vest with Support - Black (Size)

We proudly present this amazing luxurious vest top with in-built adjustable support. This vest has been thoughtfully designed to include our wonderful seamless comfort bra together - two products in one a perfect combination!

Wear it how you wish - sleep in it, relax in it, work-out in it, go out in it, travel in it - it's completely up to you.  Anyway you chose be reassured you will be comfortable and supported in it. 

The woven material is soft, light and stylish, it fits snuggly round the chest but hangs loser down towards the hip complementing the tummy area.  

Front Adjustable Straps

Lifting from the front, the straps have a hook that you can adjust to suit your preferred strap length.  These straps are soft, preventing digging into your shoulders and are unlike normal sliding bra straps as they stay in position. Taking your nightdress off couldn't be much easier - just unhook, drop and step out or lift over your head.

Enhanced Stitching

Using circular 3D technology, this vest has been knitted with enhanced stitching between the breasts for aided separation and curved under the breasts giving the shape of an underwire (without the hard wire) which comes up the side to the underarm giving adequate shape and support.  The wide underband is stretchy and strong helping to prevent riding. The vest hangs beautifully and is the woven material is soft and luxurious against your skin.

What Is a Bralette?  

A bralette is a lightweight bra designed mainly for comfort and support for your breasts. It has no padding, moulded cups and is wire-free. A staple wardrobe item when you do not want to wear a bra but still want to keep your breasts under control.  

Benefits of a Bralette

Bralettes are for making you feel comfortable whilst still offering your breasts shape and support. A bralette can accommodate the fluctuating shapes of our bodies, they are perfect for lounging, travelling, during pregnancy, post surgery and sleeping in.  

High Waisted Comfort Leggings

So comfotable and flattering with added tummy control section and 'V' back panel. Perfect combination with our bralette or vest. Lounge, walk, run, yoga/work-out in them - wear how you desire, anyway we are sure you will be be comfy in them!

Enhanced Stitching

Using circular 3D technology, these leggings have been knitted with enhanced stitching at the front, for added support and shape.  These shorts are stretchy, strong and comfortable, the logo adds another nice distinguished touch to the design.

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